Modular Sculpo is ideal to ensure space division, privacy, in any dynamic work environment. Individual elements are easily connected to allow infinite flexible and pleasant layouts while improving acoustic comfort. Configure your product, by choosing two or more panels, metal connectors and fixing systems. Five different connectors can be set up quickly to create different free standing combinations.

– Black metal

– Line connector (H)

– 90° connector (L)

– Hinge connector (V)

– Triple connector (T)

– Quadruple connector (X)

– All in sets of 2

Reference Name Size
KT3101 Connector Sculpo (H) (Sets of 2) 126 x 30 x 25
KT3102 Connector Sculpo (L) (Sets of 2) 88 x 30 x 75
KT3103 Connector Sculpo (V) (Sets of 2) 150 x 61 x 25
KT3104 Connector Sculpo (T) (Sets of 2) 126 x 30 x 88
KT3105 Connector Sculpo (X) (Sets of 2) 126 x 30 x 151
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  • Connectors Black Metal