Villa Sculpo is inspired by small striped haystacks of a portuguese city, once used as fishing warehouses. In today’s open spaces, it can be used as an individual workstation, small meeting room or even as a relaxing area. Due to its materials with sound-absorbing properties, provides a quieter or more private space, while ensuring better collaboration and communication. The Villa is available in two versions: open and closed.

– PET material (20mm)

– Acoustic properties

– Eco-friendly

– PEFC certified beechwood

– Fire-retardant panel

– Push-pin surface

– Easy to assemble

– Optional Accessory: Magnetic Tile Villa

Reference Name Size
SPD820209372 Villa Sculpo Open 2000 x 2300 x 1245
SPD820210372 Villa Sculpo Closed 2000 x 2300 x 1245
Product Elements | Materials | Dimensions
  • Fixing Systems Wood and Metal or Metal clamps included
  • Material PET Only
  • Structure Wood with metal